will i always have access to this content?

Yes, after purchasing the course you will have lifetime access to the content on the platform. 

Who is this course for?

Our Movement Anatomy Course is designed for anyone who teaches fitness or movement to clients or students. Ballet and dance teachers, Pilates and Yoga teacher, personal trainers and fitness instructors and any other modality professions that can benefit from CEC certifications in their career


The live contact webinars include a 1-hour Orientation workshop, followed by 6 x 2-hour workshops, one at the beginning and one towards the end of each of the three modules.

These live contact webinars hosted on Zoom, and will offer the opportunity ask questions around subjects that are more complex. They will also be recorded, should you not be able to attend. 

how long does it take to complete this course?

In terms of total time, assuming you write the exam, this course will take you up to 100 hours 

  • +-20hrs online course work 
  • 3hrs live webinar contact
  • Approx. 60hrs study time

Much of your study time, will be via the course self-assessments, quizzes and practical application of what you learn in your day-to-day work if you are a Pilates instructor.

What do we mean by ‘cohort’?

• An educational cohort can be described as a group of people/ students on a course or jointly studying the same subject at the same time. So, if you engaged in working through the course material, attending some or all of the workshops or listening to their recordings, etc, you were part of this cohort.

• In our courses, we are moving to a place where students can start at any time, but we also want them and you to feel like they are part of something bigger and working with other students on the same material.

• The great thing about our courses is you can repeat and join another cohort or even split your learning over 2 cohorts.

What if I started the course in February this year, or even last year but want to do the course at my own pace?

• You can. Not only that, but you can reattend the Zoom workshops. And you will get the latest test Workshop recordings in your course player.

• Additionally, you will receive all improvements we make to the course. Each time we update and improve the course, you receive those updates free of charge.

• You can sign up for the exam as long as it's within one year of completing your course.

So, I’ve completed the course. What are my options now?

You have several options:

• You can register for the exam. See below.

• You can also wait and register later in the year to do the
  exam at the end of November.

• If you are doing the course over a longer period, you can carry on studying on your own, ask questions in the discussion or course inbox any time, and then rejoin us for the next cohort in August, i.e. attend the Zooms, etc.

• For many of you, it's summer holidays, and for others with full-time jobs, you may take the next couple of months to focus on that and then rejoin the next cohort to complete your course.

What if I completed the course with the group now but have course-related questions in the future?

• You can ask questions any time, in the discussion or the course inbox.

• You can also direct admin queries to and technical enquiries to

What if I did the online course but want to join the London Live course scheduled for November?

• There is a supplementary option for online students to do that, once we are sure the course has enough full participants and is definitely going ahead.

• There is a limited amount of these supplementary slots available.

• The fee for the supplementary option is $300.

• If you have questions around this, please contact me at

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