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Theo Botha &
Dr. Mark Vella


3 Modules
19 Chapters


100 Hours over
3 Months



  • 3 Modules
  • 19 Chapters
  • Up to 100 Hours in study over a 3 Month period.
  • Live contact with your Presenters available
  • Countless videos, animations and 3D interactive anatomy from Primal Pictures
  • Self-Assessments & Assignments in each Chapter
  • Extra lessons available as an Optional Extra


Movement anatomy knowledge is fundamental to successful teaching no matter your level or specialisation.
The better you understand movement and its anatomy, the better you can teach.
And the better you can teach, the greater your ability to bring change in someone’s life and wellbeing.


This unique course specifically designed for movement professionals, and is an essential fundamental for anyone studying or practicing as a Pilates, Yoga, ballet teachers, personal training, dance and sports and conditioning coaches, no matter their level, specialisation or experience.


Option 1: Certificate of Completion
Option 2: Certificate of Qualification endorsed by BASI Pilates (examination option offered at an extra cost of R499)


Skills Outcomes

As a result of doing this course, you will:
  1. Learn the language and terminology of movement anatomy
  2. Better understand the body tissues of the and how they are organized and integrated
  3. Learn about main systems that regulate movement
  4. Learn how to assess postural alignment and identify typical postural syndromes.
  5. Learn how to progress and modify exercise using that revenant biomechanics
  6. Be able to name and identify the major bones, joints and muscles in the body, there properties and actions
  7. Be able to analyse, prescribe and progress movement using movement anatomy knowledge

Learning Outcomes

As a result of doing this course, you will:
  1. Increase your knowledge and understanding of the human body and movement anatomy.
  2. Be able to better combine your outer knowledge of movement prescription and progression with your scientific inner understanding of anatomy & physiology.
  3. Have greater ability to apply this knowledge to your client’s planning, programming and progression helping them to meet their goals.
  4. Have a greater ability to adapt and moderate exercise.
  5. Better individualise your clients programming rather than solely relying on prescriptive routines.
  6. Be able to understand the link between anatomy and a functional perspective in relation to common movement patterns
  7. Understand postural tendencies and learn to see patterns and structure.
  8. Understand the inter-relationship between each system/network of the body



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Theo Botha

Inspired by movement and working with people, Theo pursued her passion for Pilates and studying the human body by opening Body Intellect Studio in Pretoria, South Africa, at the tender age of 23, after earning her Bachelor of Education degree in Dance.

Now with over 25 years experience, and as a BASI Pilates Principal Instructor, Theo has taught internationally in cities such as Beijing, Moscow, London, Munich and Los Angeles. As the Director of BASI Pilates for South Africa, Theo has earned a reputation as a teacher of the highest calibre with the ability to share knowledge unconditionally.

Her passion for teaching anatomy and movement culminated in the formation of

Dr Mark Vella ND

Mark is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and holds a Business Management Honours from The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.

He has held multiple qualifications in neuromuscular bodywork, personal training, functional and lifestyle medicine including those with the American Council on Exercise and Exercise Teachers Academy.

Having taught wellness and exercise science for over 25 years, Mark has authored and designed over 30 fitness and wellness programs, and qualifications.

His Movement Anatomy books have sold over 200 000 copies and have been translated into 9 languages.


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start and end date

This course starts on Tuesday 14 September 2021 and is scheduled to finish end November 2021.
The course has the option of a theory and practical exam which is scheduled for the 6th December 2021

Online course work

For the online course work we recommend 15-30mins a day. If you want to write the exam then we suggest an hour a day.

live contact sessions

The live contact webinars include a 1-hour Orientation workshop, followed by 6 x 2-hour workshops, one at the beginning and one towards the end of each of the three modules.
These live contact webinars are all via zoom and are not compulsory, however they will help you tremendously and offer the opportunity ask questions around subjects that are more complex. They will also be recorded, should you not be able to attend.

total time

In terms of total time, the online course is about 18-20 hours to go through. If you want to write the exam you can expect to spend 3 to 4 times that. Assuming you write the exam, this course will take you up to 100 hours (+-20hrs online course work + 13hrs live webinar contact + approx. 60hrs study time)
Much of your study time, will be via the course self-assessments, quizzes and practical application of what you learn in your day-to-day work if you are a Pilates instructor.

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what our students say...

"If you are a teacher of any movement discipline this is one course you owe to yourself."
Dorette Kasselman
BASI Pilates Graduate
"Absolutely loved the course and the way Mark explained things,  best anatomy course so far."
Jo-Anne Botha
Certificate in Movement Anatomy
"The content was so informative, thank you for your hard work."
Certificate in Movement Anatomy
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